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Miscellaneous - Shoulder Pad

Shoulder Pad

  • Hands Free Camcorder and Digital Camera Shoulder Support (PAD) for Professional Shoulder Support / Pad / Tripod
  • This unit has an adjustable mounting piece which can be used to attach any camera with a standard tripod socket.
  • Padded supports for your shoulder and abdomen, as well as a body strap allow you to distribute the weight of your camera evenly throughout your body, maximizing comfort
  • The strap that goes around your body is easy to put on, simple to adjust, and can be removed effortlessly
  • Straps Securely to your back for maximum lower lumbar support
  • Padded Shoulder rest offers comfort and stability
  • Keeps your camcorder at eye level at all times
  • Allows you to shoot steady professional videos
  • Eliminates stress and fatigue
  • Straps securely to your back for maximum lower abdominal support
  • Easy to put on, adjust and remove
  • Increase comfort allows you to record for longer duration
  • Light & Compact
  • Stable & Versatile
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